Sri Annapurna Devi


Annapoorna devi is the one who provides the ANNAM (the food ) and maintains the lifecycle of not just the creatures on this earth but of the whole universe. And this devi resides forever in the SMASANA BHOOMI called the KASHI and she is the divine concern of VISHVESHWARA who is the father of this universe. 
The inner meaning of this Alankaram is that DEVI protects the universe in the form of Annapoorna and she grants the PRADHAMA BHIKSHA to the AADI BIKSHU SIVA and she strives hard to protect the universe by providing food so she shows that the best DAANAM is ANNA DAANAM and who ever donates food is a form of that DEVI and let us follow the footsteps of DEVI and do NITHYA ANNA DAANA.
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