She is the goddess of knowledge and music and arts, and also she regarded as Vagdevi Goddess of sound, speech, consciousness and wisdom. Maa Saraswathi appears with white dress, seated on white lotus and with four hands in one hand holding a book, in one hand playing veena (a musical instrument) in one hand japa mala(rosary) this representing the power of meditation & spirituality and in the other hand Kamandalam(A pot with sacred water)representing creative and purificatory powers. 

Saraswathi Devi is also referred as Sharda Devi. A white swan is her vahanam (vehicle) so that she is known as Hamsa vahini. On this navaratri fifth day especially Saraswathi devi is worshipped and all students are traditionally required to study on this day and also start study of something new on the same day. Small children under five years start to write their first alphabet which is called Vidyarambham is take part today. Gurus (teachers) are worshipped to day as embodiments of Saraswathi. Offering honey is very important in Saraswathi pooja, as honey represents perfect knowledge. Payasam is offered as parasadam on this day.

It is usually Moola Nakshatram which is Mahasaraswathi Nakshatram and Devi is decorated as MahaSaraswathi, it is with the help of Saraswathi the Yudha tantra was designed and planned and DEVI wonthe war against Mahishasura Chintamani saraswathi, Gnyana Saraswathi, Neela Saraswathi, Ghata Saraswathi,Kini Saraswathi, Antariksha Saraswathi, Maha Saraswathi are teh seven forms in which Saraswathi is spread in the universe Saraswathi devi killed Sumbha and Nishumba with her Gnyana and so Devi is decorated as saraswathi.