Heavy rains cause damage to city roads

Dug up roads left unattended by municipal authorities coupled with choking of drains with garbage have made life miserable on a rainy day in Vijayawada One Town. Even for drizzle, people had to face roads filled with mud. If it is downpour, people had to make boat arrangements to move out of their localities. This is the situation faced by the people in every monsoon in the city, especially in old city.

The rainy season hit the climate by making it cool, pleasant and favourable. Hot and scorching sun is now covered with dark and cool clouds making the public relax and enjoy the environment. But the relaxation and peace is disturbed by the bad roads filled with mud and pits causing trouble to pedestrians and vehicle users.

The road from SKPVV High School to Srinivasa Mahal in One Town is now turned out to be a big mud place and the other places in the city have also faced with same problem. This street is an important one because of its connectivity to other places like Radham Centre. The route has schools, shops and business establishments besides major trade works going on. But the mud path is an obstacle for all of them to continue their regular works normally.

The municipal corporation has neglected the repair of the roads before the start of rainy season. The roads were dug for lying of the drainage pipelines and gas pipelines. Had the corporation took appropriate measures in summer, this type of difficult situation could have been avoided. The condition of the road is worse and the situation is allowed to continue, it would turn this congested part of the city into a lake.

During last rainy season, the low-lying areas and the most crowded places like Wynchpet, One Town and other places were filled with water and people were rescued from those localities with the help of boats. Both people and administration should be blamed for such a situation. While the people dump garbage into the canals, the administration bothers little about dug up areas. During rains, the flow of water was blocked by the choked garbage.

The municipal corporation did not think about this problem earlier and did not clear the drains before the rainy season. It seems that this year the same situation is going to repeat as the roads are full with mud and drains with garbage deposits. If the corporation did not take up the problem seriously, then the public have to arrange boats to travel out of the roads. The corporation has to take up the measures at least now to avoid the bad condition of the roads.