Vijayawada Railway division makes record profit but station development left to air

The profits of Vijayawada Railway division this year till date have zoomed to a new high compared to the previous years. The cumulative profits till July from the year beginning have reached nearly 505.50 Crores. Compared to last year when the profit was 408.5 Crores, this year has seen an increment of 23.5 % in the net profit.

The income obtained from the passenger travel has also seen a rise to 121.1 Crores. The major chunk of the Vijayawada divisions profit traditionally comes from the Goods transport & this year too it has been the same story. The income from the Goods transport stood at 383.5 Crores as against 271 Crores last year which means an increment of 32% this year.

Though the Vijayawada Railways station has been making the biggest profit of all the divisions in South India, the station has not been developed to a good standard and is always being overlooked in the Union Railway Budget every year. Passenger’s hope that the condition of the station be improved significantly especially the cleanliness aspect. One cannot understand why there haven’t been any significant improvements to the facilities in the station though the Vijayawada Division is making record profits year after year.