Rain throws normal life out of gear

Mercury dipped to a relative low on Wednesday as the city woke up to early morning showers.
The constant pitter-patter falling on rooftops was a thing of joy for children who rejoiced hoping to hear the news of the closure of their schools in vain while office-goers and others whined about how a small shower was enough to drown the city roads in mini pools of water.
Throwing out of gear the normal life, the incessant rain partially submerged roads at some places where people had tough time navigating through water-clogged pathways. Residents of low-lying areas were worst-hit as rain water hindered their free movement.
Despite unremitting showers, it was life as usual for the people who went about their daily chores in a habitual way. There were no heavy crowds on the roads but they were not deserted either.
The Krishna district received a total rainfall of 1164.8 mm while the average rainfall was recorded at 23.3 mm. Kaikaluru in Gudivada division recorded the highest rainfall of 68.4 mm while Verullapadu in Vijayawada division recorded a minimum rainfall of 3.4 mm.
The city and most parts of district experienced moderate to heavy rain. The rain provided a respite from oppressive weather conditions. Water seeped in most low- lying areas causing inconvenience to pedestrians and commuters. 

Source - Hindu